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- This website won the bronze medal in 2005 at Apimondia in Ireland.
- The web master wrote Bad Beekeeping, the 5-Star rated book on Amazon.com.
- Beekeepers' Home Pages was the most popular beekeeping website on Googles' Search Engine - for FOUR YEARS!
- This is the oldest continuous beekeepers' website in the world!
- This website is recommended by Beesker as the world's best website on beekeeping: Here's the page that says so!
- Dr. Tom Sanford wrote a Bee Culture article about this site in January 2000.
- Web master Ron Miksha has a Norwegian heavy metal band named after him: The Miksha Band
- This Bad Beekeeping Website was awarded "Kids' Best Animals Site" in 1999.

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Bad Beekeeping
is the newest best-seller in the beekeeping world! This 5-Star rated book available from amazon.com is a great introduction to beekeeping and a fantastic story about the life of a beekeeper! Grant Hicks, a commercial beekeeper, wrote in Hive Lights magazine: "The most impressive beekeeping literature that has come my way is a new beekeeping book, Bad Beekeeping." Read more reviews about Bad Beekeeping here.

The BadBeekeeping website helps beekeepers stay informed! Everything you want to know about beekeeping, honey, and honey bees is right here! (O.K., maybe not everything!) If you can't find what you need to know on our 54 web pages, we link to over 1000 other beekeeping web sites!
Check out our Questions and Answers Page where some of the hundreds of e-mail notes from the past thirteen years are posted. Perhaps you were wondering whether bees have bones or how to get started with bees or how to get rid of bees or... learn more about Honey and Honey bees by jumping to our other pages! A complete directory for this site appears on our Contents Listing Page. The BadBeekeeping webpages are occasionally up-dated with new photos, and new notices of meetings added from time to time.

The Beekeeper's Homepages has been freely providing biased bee information to beekeepers and the public for over thirteen years. If you really want opinions and editorials, be sure to read our Beekeeper's Blog. This site has won a handful of awards, received thousands of nice letters (and some nasty ones, too), and has had nearly a million visitors. --Thanks for visiting!

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