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The Very Best Places to Bee on the Web

Canadian Honey Council
The National Honey Board
Tom Sanford's APIS Newsletter
Bad Beekeeper's Blog

Recent Links Suggested by Readers:

Bee Friendly Gardening from Cascadian Farm
Mohawk Valley Trading Company
A Kid's Guide to Honey, Recipes, and More (suggested by Ms Haye's Grade 4 Class!)
Eco Bee Box - Reinforced Corners to Strengthen or Repair Supers - a great new idea!
High-Speed Video from inside a Beehive - watch the bees build a nest!
Bee Friendly Landscaping - good how-to article
Lone Star Farms - promoting chemical-free beekeeping in Texas
Dr Malcolm Sanford's Blog - from the pioneer in on-line bee info
Apis Information Resource Center (at Squidoo)
Melissologia H.B.F. (Greek Beekeeping Forum)
Canfy (beekeeping tools manufacturer)
Candle Connection - how to make your own candles
Different Kinds of Bee Hives - alphabetical list of 276 different hive styles
Bees Gathering Mysterious Red Goo - New York Times article
An Italian-French-English-Spanish Dictionary a very comprehensive reference
The World of Beekeeping - Forums, Videos, & esp Info for Beginners
Tomek Miodek's Buckfast Bee Site Poland, (Polish Language)
Bee Tools (esp queen rearing supplies)
A New Movie on Amazon's Stingless Bees - from the Bee Photographer, Eric Tourneret
Bees in Art (an art gallery inspired by bees!
Edmonton and District Beekeepers' Association (Alberta, Canada)
Bee Vital (Health Supplies for Bees)
Honigbienen Germany (in German)
"Best Honey Site" (recommendations on places to buy honey)
Turkish Beekeeping Portal (in Turkish)
Dixie Bee Supply Store (located in South Carolina, USA)
Hive Making Information Book Store (sells construction plans)
Bee and Honey Blog from Brookfield Farm (Washington State)
Adopt a Beehive - if you worry about the loss of honey bees!
"Keeping the Bees" (a book review from the Globe and Mail)

Some Places to Bee in the World

All Around the World
Helping Beekeepers in Developing Countries
Research Sites
Beekeepers United!
Beekeepers Divided!
Things to Buy

Bee Supply Places
Places That Supply Bees (and Queens)
Computer Programs for Beekeepers
Beeswax, Candle Making, Craft Supplies, and Honey-Product Gifts
Books About Bees, Beekeepers and Beekeeping
Things to Know

Saving the Bees
Education Services
Beekeeper's Blogs - On-line Diaries
Research Labs Around the World
The Business of Beekeeping
Beekeeping Museums to Visit
How to Bee a Better Beekeeper
Bees and Beekeeping Videos
Dealing with Problem Bees
How to Make Your Own Bee Equipment
All About Queen Bees
Diseases, Mites, Pests
The African Honey Bee
Bees and Pollination
Other Types of Bees
Apitherapy and Whole Body Medicines
The Law, Bureaucracy, and other Annoyances
Lists of Beekeeping Websites
Things for Fun

Kid's Stuff
Honey Bee Trivia and Facts
The Historical Bee
Weird and Neat Bee Stuff
Honey and Honey Recipes
Mead and Mead Making

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Bees, Poverty and World Development:


Links to Beekeeping, Entomology, and Apiculture Research Sites:


Links to Beekeeping Educational Services:


Beekeeping Organizations:




Beekeeper's Personal Home Pages:

Beekeeping Museums


Companies that Sell Bee Supplies:


Bees and Queens for Sale


Computer Tools for Beekeepers:

Lists of Beekeeping Links to Millions of Web Sites:

Laws and Legal Statutes about Bees and Beekeeping:

Beeswax, Candle Making, Craft Supplies, and Honey-Product Gifts:


Books, Photos and Magazines About Bees, Beekeepers and Beekeeping


On-Line Book Stores:


How to Bee a Better Beekeeper:


Saving the Bees:


Beekeeper's Blogs:


The Business of Beekeeping:

Bees and Beekeeping Videos:


Management of Problem Bees:


Make Your Own Bee Equipment:


All About Queen Bees

Diseases, Mites, and Pests


The African Honey Bee:


Other Types of Bees and the Honey Bee Races

Bee Pollination and Honey Plants:

Bee Pollination

Plants for Pollen and Nectar

Kids' Stuff:


Honey Bee Trivia and Marvellous Facts:

The Historical Bee:

Beekeeping People:


Weird, Wonderful, and Neat Bee Stuff:

High Culture: Really Different Stuff:

Apitherapy and Medicines from the Hive:


Honey and Honey Recipes:


Mead, Mead Making and Honey Beer Brewing:








About this website...

The Bad Beekeeping: The Beekeeper's Home Pages website is mostly written by Ron Miksha, who lives and writes in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Ron's honey bee blog is updated at erratic intervals, with sticky new entries typically pasted in weekly. Photos and art are his own - unless otherwise attributed - or are from public domain sources.

Opinions expressed herein do not necessarily express anyone's opinions - not even the author's. Please follow this link, if you insist upon more details.

This site covers almost everything about the beehive, bees, and honey. Ron has worked with bees in Pennsylvania, Florida, Wisconsin, Saskatchewan, and Alberta and peeked into hives on three continents. Read our site for honey bee tips and opinions on everything from colony collapse disorder and Africanized honey bees, to queen bees and bee pollen, to building a hive and hiving a swarm... it's all here, but mostly this site is a chronicle of opinions and observations about the environment, politics, and culture.

Ron has written dozens of bee journal articles and has also penned the book on Bad Beekeeping, which is called "Bad Beekeeping," for obvious reasons. If you are wondering why this blog is sometimes weird and hard to understand, it may be because Ron is also a geophysicist - but has also been a beekeeper for a few dozen years. Ron's family operates Summit Gardens Honey Farms, a western Canada honey bee farm specializing in comb honey. So, this blog might be considered "A Physicist's Guide to Comb Honey Beekeeping Gone Bad".

All comments and opinions are offered without any qualifications, guarantees, or recommendations that any procedures or suggestions offered here will be successful, useful, legal, or safe in your area or with your bee system. This site is largely editorial and sometimes recklessly presented. If you strongly disagree with things you find here, send Ron a note - or keep reading as you are likely to find he also advocates an opposite point of view elsewhere on the website.

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