A popular heavy-metal band from Norway is called Miksha.

You can find them at www.miksha.net


In an interview with the Norwegian rock-site UPUNKT,

the Norwegian band Miksha had this to say about

the origin of their name:





"Ifølge bandet er det Ron Miksha, amerikansk birøkter, som er kilden. 


      According to the band it is Ron Miksha, American beekeeper, that is the source (of the band’s name).


      Han var ekspert «bieologisk krigføring» under Vietnamkrigen, og var en 


            He was an expert in "biological warfare" in the Vietnam war, and was a


      pest og en plage for sine fiender. 


      pest and bother/nuisance  for his enemies.


      Han er også forfatter av boka «Bad beekeeping».


      He is also authour of the book "Bad Beekeeping."




"Ron Miksha, en amerikansk birøkter som tjenestegjorde under Vietnamkrigen. 


      Ron Miksha, an American Beekeeper  who served in the Vietnam war.


      Han deltok i et topphemmelig oppdrag - en amerikansk kamikazeskvadron, som 


      He took part in a top-secret mission - an American kamikaze squadron,


      skulle redde den amerikanske hær ved å finne alternative kampmetoder.  


      that was to save the American army by finding alternative means of war.


      Ron Miksha var en pioner bi(e)ologisk krigsføring. Han viste at det fantes 


      Ron Miksha was a pioneer of biological warfare.  He demonstrated that there existed


      andre måter å krige enn å bruke tradisjonelle våpen. 


            other methods to fight than to use traditional weapons.


      Dette resulterte i boka "Bad Beekeeping". Boka er å finne www.miksha.com "


      This resulted in a book called "Bad Beekeeping".  The book can be found at  www.miksha.com.


            (Thanks to my friend Robin Slotboom for translating from Norwegian to English!)

Here’s the disclaimer from Ron Miksha:

First, I am thrilled that an exciting Nor-rocktic band would choose my name as their name. That’s awesome. My web-site has been around for eleven years and gets an awful lot of visitors, so I guess if there is anything being borrowed, well, really, what can I do? And their music is pretty darn good, if you like the genre. If you’d like to hear the sound (and see the band) - I’ve got one of their videos here.

But, I gotta tell you. Despite the band’s kind words about my service to the US Army and my expertise in pioneering biological warfare, none of this is in my book - mostly because I was not a pioneer of biological warfare and did not design any weapons of mass destruction for the USA.

Instead, Bad Beekeeping is a much tamer book (only one murder, but quite a few bee stings) that might not appeal to biological-warfare-aficionados.

-          Ron Miksha

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