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Ron Miksha was once a young beekeeper. Here he is, hive sitting. In those days, he had lots of colonies of bees. Hundreds, actually. But in those days he was rather young and sometimes hard-working.

With more energy than good sense, Ron spun records as a hobby. It was a great experience - he learned to read the news, line up needles in grooves, and pretend to be cool. It helped that he had a dull and boring radio voice.


Eventually, he grew tired of being Ron on the Radio. And tired of driving the 4,000 kilometres circuit between Saskatchewan and Florida with big trucks and tired of tossing tons of honey around. Florida was nice, especially in winter, and Saskatchewan was a great place to be. But Ron left his millions of beefriends and decided to try University. He did OK. And he was still young.


There's a lot you can do with a science and math degree. Ron's degree was in geophysics. That's the head of the Earth Sciences department with Ron. Ron looked for diamond mines in Saskatchewan (and didn't find any), then moved to Calgary, where he became something of an expert with seismic stuff.


Ron likes to write. Actually, writing is an obsession. If he had a penny in the bank for every word he wrote, he would have a lot of pennies in the bank. Writing about something - for Ron Miksha, at least - is a way of knowing about something, bringing it to life. Ron's has a problem quite different from writer's block. In Ron's case, writer's scatter-brain is a more apt description. There is so much to know - and to write about! It will take years to get it all on paper.

It is traditional on an Author's Website to include some warm and fuzzy bio facts - such as Ron Miksha has a nice wife, four nice children, and lives in a nice city. One might also mention that Ron Miksha has a heavy-metal Norwegian rock band named after him, he has taught seismology in Peru; and he once drove a Segway to his kids' elementary school. You can read more fuzzies on his blog, which is half about bees, half about personal stuff, and at least half about the environment. You can catch all those halves on his blog.

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