From the Book, Bad Beekeeping, by Ron Miksha

Prairie Beeyard

Some bee spots are near gorgeous lakes and babbling brooks, snow-capped mountains in sight; other spots are wedged between dead cars and discarded Pampers. Sometimes a farmer allows bees in the grove or hay meadow because the bees will give a bigger and better crop of fruit or will help the clovers re-seed themselves. People sometimes called me to say that they have a nice place for my bees; but I'd find it wouldn't quite work - too exposed to wind; too close to a highway; too wet; too soggy; too something. Then they'd ask what sort of location would work best for me. "I'd like a good, all-weather road, a gently sloping south exposure, close to the fields, away from human traffic, maybe a nice view." One farmer told me there was only one place like that on his five-thousand acre ranch - and he'd already built his house there.