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Bad Beekeeping is the newest best-seller in the beekeeping world!
This 5-Star rated book from
is a great introduction to beekeeping and 
a fantastic story about the life of a beekeeper!
The editor of Bee Culture magazine called it
"The best book I've ever read!"


Ulee's Gold 
The Peter Fonda movie, 
Ulee's Gold is available 
for about US$15 from -  
the on-line book store.
Click Here to order 
this video now!

The Swarm
What would happen if 22 million Africanized honey bees invaded the USA? Ooops!! Too Late!
This 1978 scare-thriller tries to second guess the results on the city of Houston. Priced at about US$15.

Winnie the Pooh: The Honey Tree 
The 1998 Disney animation 
Winnie the Pooh 
is available 
from -  
order on line...
Click Here to order 
this video now!


Bad Beekeeping honey production

Beekeeping : A Practical Guide
by Richard E. Bonney

A popular general guide for 
new and used beekeepers.
An excellent starter's book.

The New Complete Guide to Beekeeping by Roger A. Morse
New because it contains some of the latest on mite control and beekeeping trends;
Complete because it very nearly is.
Bad Beekeeping honey production
Beekeeping : A Practical Guide 
for the Novice Beekeeper - 
Buying Bees, Management, Rearing, 
Honey Production 
by Werner Melzer
The title pretty well 
covers the contents - 
very inexpensive guide.

The ABC and Xyz of Bee Culture:
An Encyclopedia of Beekeeping

by Roger Morse
This encyclopedia of beekeeping covers everything. Owned by most commercial and hobby beekeepers.

Books for Kids

Bad Beekeeping honey production
Hooray for Beekeeping! 
by Bobbie Kalman, Allison Larin, Niki Walker 
The Beekeeper's Home Pages
(this site) had a small role
in technical support for this
excellent, large-format,
colourful kid's book.
Recommended for ages 4-8.
Priced well!

Bad Beekeeping honey production

The Honey Makers 
by Gail Gibbons 
Prolific children's author 
Gail Gibbons covers the 
honey bees and describes
how they make their honey.
Recommended for Grades 1-4.

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