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                   Funny, Interesting, Unusual
		                August 2, 2009
		                Reviewer:  ECBA
                          Don't be mislead by this books goofy cover of a beekeeper fleeing a angry hive of bee. 
                          I was surprised to find funny, interesting and unusual information about beekeeping within its covers.
                          The author has a great sense of humor. He talks about current and past beekeepers. For example he introduces 
                          us to Jim Powers and I quote 
                                " was a big beekeeper. He had about 30,000 hives of bees. He was one of the few beekeepers in the 
                                  world who amassed a large fortune from bees. And he was the only person I ever saw wearing a bow 
                                  tie at a beekeeper's meeting. It was polka-dotted."
                          If you are tired of heavy scientific manuels take a reading vacation with this book.


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