Benny the Bee in Hungary

The Danube. Budapest. Central Europe. Castles and monastaries and mosques and synagogues. The flat open prairie with rich, black farmland. Picturesque villages shaded by huge acacia and basswood trees in gently rolling uplands. Hungary. A must to see.

We enjoy this fascinating country - Hungarian scenery, the Magyar people, Hungarian history. Hungarian beekeeping! We are Canadian beekeepers, so forgive us if some of our comparisons with Hungary use the Great White North as a reference point. But it is instructive...

Canada is bigger than Hungary. Much bigger. Canada is 100 times the land area of Hungary. And Canada has over 30 million people, Hungary about 10 million.

But Canada has only 14,000 people engaged in beekeeping, while Hungary has 16,000. Canada has less than 500,000 hives, Hungary over 600,000. Incredibly, this small country exports 25 million pounds of honey each year. The honey - largely from acacia, or black locust, as it is known in North America - is white, mild, flavourful.

Benny the Bee was lucky enough to visit Hungary the summer of 2001. Benny is showing some of his photos and sharing some of his thoughts on the following pages...

Monks, Doctors, and Little Old Ladies - the Beekeepers of Hungary

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