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Who really invented the light bulb, football, and basketball? What country has the longest highway and tallest building in the world? Find out from this program!

Tekkie Stuff:

The Canada Trivia Quiz is packed into a 'zip' type file. PKZIP files are commonly used on the Internet to squeeze data together so it uses less space while traveling from computer to computer. You will need to 'unzip' the file after you receive it. Your computer probably already has WINZIP or PKUNZIP.EXE installed. Use it to 'unzip' the Canada Trivia Quiz. Then run the program called SETUP.EXE. This program can ONLY run on PC's with WINDOWS 3.1 or better, including WINDOWS '95.

You will need to have the file called VBRUN300.DLL already installed in your WINDOWS/SYSTEM directory for this program to run. Most computers have this program already installed. If you don't have VBRUN300.DLL already in your WINDOWS/SYSTEM directory, you can get this for FREE from Download VBRUN300.DLL.

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How to Move to Canada: A Primer for Americans by Terese Loeb Kreuzer and Carol Bennett
So, You Want to Be Canadian: All About the Most Fascinating People in the World and the Magical Place They Call Home by Kerry Colburn and Rob Sorensen

Quick Learn, a software company in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, provides this educational program for free to encourage Canadians to be proud of their country's great achievements, to make Americans aware of the Canadian contribution to their society, and to let the rest of the world know that Canada exists!

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